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Transmedia Contents, a fast and promising new reality

The media industry is not a conglomerate of isolated areas anymore. The current movement is to tell stories on several media using a range of technologies. It is called Transmedia storytelling and it has already become a reality for numerous media players thanks to the deployment of Internet and the liberalization of telecommunications networks that have increased the number of distribution and diffusion channels and the ways to access content.

Also, Transmedia content growth is backed by the explosive success of connected mobile devices and social networks. The passive audience has become active, interactive, and even part of the production process; multiplying platforms, mobile and community-based practices (through social media, blog, forums, etc.). It is probably the largest driving force behind the emergence of Transmedia contents.

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Wallonia, a fertile ground for transmedia content creation

Created over the pillars of creativity and technologies, Wallonia, the southern Belgian region, is taking a leading position in matters of interactive and rich media in Europe. The south of Belgium offers fertile ground for the multiple companies and institutions active in the area of transmedia contents. Success stories such as the Smurfs or Tintin, notably, whose consumption does not depend on cultural barriers but is rather based on artistic universes, are the witnesses of the high level know-how developed on this ground, either in terms of creativity or in terms of IP management.

Photographie desciptive des métiers présents dans le cluster

Wallonia, your partner in transmedia content creation and management

In the future, the success of transmedia content will be based, on one hand, on the ability of its creators to manage many technological, economical and artistic skills in an environment in perpetual evolution. On the other hand, transmedia content creators will have to meet the expectations of consumers, who increasingly want ATAWAD content (Any Time, AnyWhere, Any Device).

Transmedia creation is globalizing the media market, involving a broad range of players. This catalogue tends to give you an overview of what Wallonia has to offer in term of Transmedia players and services.